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Old School Leather hair accessories seem to be favorites of customers both at art shows and on the web. Our large selection includes retro style leather stick barrettes popular in the 1970's as well as trendy clip barrettes. Available in a multitiude of shapes, sizes,and designs to suit your taste or mood. Just put a handmade Old School Leather Co. leather barrette in your hair and enjoy the compliments! Click on any picture below to see and order our handmade leather barrettes and other hair accessories. Custom made for just for you!

Leather Belts

Name Belts


Belts For Kids

Leather Bling Bling Barrettes


Small Leather Stick Barrette  

Tooled Watchbands


Tooled Leather Belts

Small Stick Barrettes  
Handmade Leather Barrettes

Buckle Wristbands

Tooled Leather "Bling Bling" Barrettes.  

Wide Leather Watch Bands

Medium Stick Barrette
Extra Big Leather Barrette

Leather Name Bracelets

Leather Clip Barrette  

Bling Wristbands

Clip Barrettes
Extra Large Stick Barrette

Leather Bling Barrettes

Mystery Braid Barrette
Butterfly Barrette




Extra Large Braided Barrettes


Butterfly Shaped Leather Barrettes
Barrette Sets  


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