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We are proud to bring back our handstitched, full grain cowhide leather wallets. These leather wallets are double stitched by hand with heavy nylon thread. Quite possibly the last wallet you wil ever need!
  Handmade Leather Bill-Fold Handmade Leather Bill-Folds. 2 Pockets for Cards. One pocket for bills. Simple. Cut, conditioned, dyed, burnished, and stictched by hand, these wallets are made to last a lifetime.


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5 Pocket Leather Bi-Fold Wallet. 4 pockets for cards, 1 Pocket for cash. Hand Stitched to last a lifetime.


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Leather Bi-Fold Wallet
Minimal Leather Wallet
Handmade Minimal Leather Wallet. One piece of full grain cow, one piece of heavy nylon thread, 4 pockets. Simple.


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Hand Stitched 2 Pocket leather business card case. Handmade one from one piece of full grain American cowhide leather. This slim leather card case slips comfortably into your front pocket.


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Leather Card Case

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The wallets shown below are not made by Old School Leather Co. However, they are made in the USA and carry our same guarantee of quality.

Bi Fold Wallet

Traditional Bi-Fold Leather wallet. Solid leather inside and out. You will find no cloth linings in any of our wallets. The Bi Fold wallet features 4 credit card pockets and a large pocket for bills. The back of the wallet has a fold-out liner that allows you to hide big bills completely out of sight to others. The plastic picture holder is included, but can be removed. Approx. 4 1/2" X 3 1/2"

$22.00 each

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All Leather Credit Card Wallets. 4 card pockets on each side plus room for more cards underneath means you can really overstuff this leather wallet. There is a single, oversized pocket for bills. Approximate folded measurements are 4 1/4" X 3 3/4" Wallets are all full grain oil tanned leather inside and out.

$26.00 each

Leather Credit Card Wallet
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The L-Fold Leather wallet is a personal favorite. There is a single pocket for bills and two Credit Card pockets. The Black wallet is shown fully open with the included picture insert. The brown wallet is shown with the bill compartment folded and the picture insert removed. The Mahogany wallet is shown fully folded and measures 3 1/2" X 4 1/4" This all leather wallet closes very thin.

$20.00 each

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Tri-Fold Leather wallets embossed with designs. The inside is all full grain veg tanned leather with 3 Credit Card pockets, a removable insert for pictures, and an oversized pocket for bills. The outside is also full grain vegetable tanned leather and is hand dyed in medium brown. This style is available with or without the chain attachment. The chain wallets also have a two snap closure to hold the wallet closed securely.

Tri Fold $24.00

TriFold w/Chain $26.00

  All Designs shown are available with or without the chain attachment
Standing Deer Leather Wallet Howling Wolf Leather Wallet Horse Head Tri Fold Wallet
Eagle Tri-Fold Leather Wallet Deer Head Tri-Fold Wallet Clipper Ship Leather Wallet
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 Tri-Fold Wallet
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Tri Fold w/Chain

The same Leather Tri-Fold Wallet pattern as above, but handmade using soft oil tanned leather. Three credit card slots with an oversized bill compartment. The Picture Holder is included but removable. Available in Black, Brown, and Mahogany.

$17.00 each

Choose Leather Color

Another variation of the classic 3 Fold Leather Wallet but with an identification window.. This handmade leather wallet features three credit card slots plus a clear ID window and an oversized pocket for bills. Made from soft full grain oil tanned leather. Available in Black, Brown, or Mahogany.

$18.00 each

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Leather Card Cases feature an ID Window. There is another pocket behind the identification window and two pockets on the other side of the wallet. Ideal for those who like to keep credit cards and cash separate as well as those who prefer a thin, front pocket wallet. 4 1/8" X 2 7/8"

$14.00 each

Leather Card Cases
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Leather Checkbook Covers

While this pattern is designed to hold a standard checkbook and transaction register, it is also known as the "Roper Wallet" A plastic insert (not shown) is included in case you use Duplicate Style checks. The all leather check book features four slotted credit card pockets. The last checkbook you will ever need! Available in Black, Brown, or Mahogany. Outside measures approximately 6 1/2" X 3 1/2" when closed.

$28.00 each

Choose Leather Color

Ladies Leather Clutch Purse Wallet has room for everything! Will hold your top or side tear checkbook and transaction register plus has a coin purse, large pockets for bills, five credit card slots and a plastic insert for pictures or additional cards. These wallets are all soft, full grain oil tanned leather inside and out. Available in Black, Brown, or Mahogany

$35.00 each

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Front Pocket Leather Money Clip Wallets featre 3 Credit Card pockets and a spring type money clip. The top pocket provides easy access to frequently used cards, while othe cards are hidden beneath the inside all leather interior pockets. A leather flap helps to keep your money hidden from others. Safe, secure, and better for your back than traditional back pocket wallets. Approx. dimensions are 4 1/8" X 2 /7/8"

$13.00 each

Leather Money Clips
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Leather Money Clips

The Leather Money Clip with ID Window is the same size and stlye as the front pocket wallet pictured above. There are 3 slots for credit cards and a clip for bills that are hidden beneath a leather flap.

$14.00 each

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Two Sided Money Clips. Keep your spending money on one side while your big bills are hidden from others. This wallet features two money clips and one pocket for credit cards.

$8.00 each

Double Money Clips
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