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  Custom made, retro style wide leather watch bands. While not as popular as the pre device days, our old school watch bands are still a favorite of many customers. We offer our retro watch straps in a wide variety of styles and hand dye colors. All watch bands shown with the watch face are actual customer photographs. Proudly handmade in USA!
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The Picture above was shared by one of our many satisfied customers. If you make it all the way to the bottom of this page, you can see even more pictures shared by actual customers. Enjoy the trip...
Buckle Wristbands
Our handmade leather watch bands are truly custom made one-at-a-time in our backyard workshop. The taper style watch straps are available in only a few sizes that will fit most small to medium wrist sizes. Our full cuff watch bands are made to your Actual Wrist Size. STEP 1 before ordering is to determine your wrist size. The easiest way is to use a tape measure as shown at left. You can also use a strip of paper or piece of string and a ruler. Click Here for more info.
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  STEP 2 is to measure the watch face you plan to attach. Our "STANDARD" watch band will accomadate a watch face with 19mm or 3/4" Pin Width and a Pin to Pin measurement of 45mm or 1 3/4" If your watch requires special sizing, No Problem! Use any of the forms below to put in your custom measurements. Click Here to learn more about how to measure your watch face.
Now that you know your actual wrist size and watch dimensions, you are ready to do the fun part... Choose your custom leather watch band! Our watch straps and leather cuff watches are available in many styles, colors, and deigns. Compliments included FREE... ENJOY!
Leather Watch Cuffs

1.5" Leather Watch Bands $27.00

Our 1.5 Inch leather watch bands are equally popular with men and women. Each watch strap is custom made to your wrist size. New leather watch cuffs may seem a little stiff and awkward at first, but the break-in process is brief and your retro leather watch band will only become nicer with use. Band at top is Mahogany. From left to right hand dye colors are Black, Tan, and Brown.

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Choose Actual Wrist Size
Choose Dye Color
Watch Pin Width
Pin to Pin Measurement
If your watch face is not compatible with our standard watch band pattern, use the form at left to enter your watch dimensions. There is a $5 charge for custom watch sizing. Click here to learn how to measure your watch face.

Minimal leather watchbands. These bands are 1.5 Inch at center and taper to 1 Inch at the buckle. This style watch strap is available in two sizes only. Check your wrist size! Hand dye colors from light to dark are tan, mahogany, dark brown, and black. Click links to see more pictures.

$22.00 each

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Leather Watchbands
Dye Color
Choose Size
Use the form at right if your watch face is not compatible with our standard pattern. PLEASE NOTE: The "custom watch forms" are not unique to any particular watch band style. Choose your watch strap and then, if necessary, enter your custom instructions into any form.
Watch Pin Width
Pin to Pin Measurement
Celtic Knot Watch Bands

The same handcrafted taper leather watch band style as above, but with a handtooled Celtic Knot border design. Hand Dyed colors from left to right are Black, Tan, and Brown.

$25.00 each

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Dye Color
Choose Size

Another simple yet striking variation of our 1 1/2" taper leather watch strap. Add a touch of class with a simple grooved accent. Bands at top are Antique Brown and Natural Brown. From left to right on bottom the leather dye colors are Mahogany, Black and Tan. Also available in Brown/Tan, Black/Tan, Black/Mahogany and Black/Brown Two-Tone!

$24.00 each

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Leather Watch Bands
Choose Watch Band Size
Choose Hand Dye Color
Handmade Leatehr Watch Cuffs

The same grooved style shown above but in a full watch cuff style and custom made to your actual wrist size. The picture shows our trademark Brown/Tan 2-Tone and Black/Brown 2-Tone. Also available in Black, Natural Brown, Antique Brown, Tan, and Mahogany. Black/Tan 2Tone and Black/Mahogany 2Tone

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$29.00 each

Choose Actual Wrist Size
Choose Dye Color
Custom Watch Pin Width
Custom Pin to Pin Measurement
Be sure to measure your watch face! Our standard pattern will NOT fit all watchesl. Use any of the "custom watch" forms on this page to request special sizing. Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

Have you been looking for the super stylish watch band shown at the top of this page? You found it! Two inch wide leather watch straps available in Tan, Mahogany, Dark Brown or Black. These leather watch bands taper to 1.25" at the buckle end. ONE SIZE ONLY will fit wrist size of 6.5 Inch - 8 Inch. Click links for more pics

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$24.00 each

Wide Leather Watch Straps
Choose Dye Color
Two Tone Watch Strap Leather Watchband

The same bold yet simple style shown above with grooved leather edges. The pic above shows Mahogany. The watch strap at left features our classic Brown/Tan Two-Tone technique. 9 other colors available! This watch cuff is 2"at center and tapers to 1.25" at buckle. ONE SIZE ONLY fits and actual wrist size of 6.5" - 8"

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$26.00 each

Choose Dye Color
Custom Watch Pin Width
Custom Pin to Pin Measurement
Our "standard" watch band pattern will hold a watch with 19mm pin width and a pin to pin measurement of 45mm. Click here to learn more. If necessary, use any of the forms on this page to add your "custom watch" instructions.

Compliments included free with our Two Inch Wide leather watch cuffs! Our unique buckle closure style is an Old School Leather original. Be sure to enter your actual wrist size when ordering. We will use this size to determine your correct leather watchband length. Our handmade leather watch bands are adjustable, but we custom make each watch strap to your specifications. We hope to offer our web customers more confidence than simply ordering a small, medium or large watch band.

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$29.00 each

Cuff Leather Watch Bands
Choose Actual Wrist Size
Choose Dye Color
Wide Leather Watch Cuffs

The same custom sized watch cuff style shown above grooved to add a little contrast and style. Available in a cornucopia of hand dyed earth tones. Bands at top are Brown Natural and Brown-Tan 2Tone. Left to right the others are Black-Brown 2 Tone, Brown Antique, Tan, Black, and Mahogany. Also available in Black/Tan and Black/Mahogany 2Tone. Made in the USA! Measure your wrist and your watch before ordering.

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Choose Actual Wrist Size
Choose Dye Color

Two Inch wide leather watch cuffs

$31.00 each

Tooled Leather Watch Band Tooled Leather Watch Straps

Yet another way to add a little extra to your handcrafted leather watchband. Simple tooled border design available in all of our nature tone hand dye plain and two tone colors.

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2 Inch Tooled Watch Bands

One size only fits actual wrist size of 6.5" - 8"

$28.00 each

Choose Hand Dye Color
If your watch face will not fit our "standard" pattern, we can still make you an exact fit. Enter your custom watch measurements in millimeters or inches... we will do the math. Learn more about custom watch sizing
Watch Pin Width
Pin to Pin Measurement
Celtic Leather Watch Bands

Another variation on our two inch taper style wide leather watch band. These watch cuffs feature a simple hand tooled celtic knot border design down the edges of the band. Hand Dyed colors from left to right are Black, Brown/Natural, and Tan. Also available in Mahogany and Brown/Antique. One Size Only! Will fit an actual wrist size of 6 1/2 Inch - 8 Inch. Matching leather wristbands can be found here. Celtic Knot leather belts can be found here. Check out our facebook page to see even more watch band photos shared by our customers!

$28.00 each

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Choose Hand Dye Color

The picture at right shows the subtle difference between Mahogany (left) and Brown. Also available in Tan and Black. The hand dyed colors reflect best under natural sunlight. Be sure to enter your actual wrist size. The size of our leather watchbands is adjustable, but we custom make each retro watch strap in order to ensure the ideal watch band fit for you. Our watch cuffs are available for petite to king size wrists. We hope this is much more reassuring than simply choosing a small, medium or large watch band. Handmade with pride in the USA!

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Leather Watch Cuffs
Choose Actual Wrist Size
Choose Dye Color
1.75" Plain Watch Cuffs - $28.00
Custom Leather Watch Band Custom Leather Watch Cuff

1.75" Grooved Leather Watch Cuffs

$30.00 each

The same full cuff style as above with a simple grooved border design. Available in all our nature toned plain and two tone hand dyed colors.

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Choose Actual Wrist Size
Choose Dye Color

WOW!... you made it through all our current watchband designs. Still don't see what you want? eMail Us. Below you can see a few more of our watch bands in real world action. The pictures below were shared by a few happy OSL_Co. customers.

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1.5" Brown/Tan Cuff Watch Band
2 Inch Brown Antique Watch Cuff
1.75" Plain Black
1.5" Taper Watch Band in Black
1.5" Taper Watch Band Grooved and dyed Tan

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See even more product pictures shared by customer on our Facebook page.

2 Inch Grooved Taper Watch Band in hand dye Black/Brown Two Tone